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Christopher Goodridge is a UK based Guyanese born Real Estate Consultant with more than 20 years of work experience, in the Real Estate Industry placing high-level Diplomats and international, companies organizations into beautiful Guyanese Luxury homes. Christopher has been consulting with international clients transitioning to Georgetown Guyana into their new homes since the early 2000s. Prior to consulting Christopher worked with the Guyana National Insurance Scheme where he gained valuable experience working with all sectors of the public, rendering social services for the sick, disabled and the elderly. In 2000 he launched his rental agency accompanied by other domestic services to busy professional and internationals expats needing an extra hand in home domestics services. In 2010 he launched Guyana Luxury Properties and has since been collaborating with Guyanese landlords locally and internationally in sourcing the best international clients from all over the world for their homes under the tenancy. Christopher works closely with expats and transitioning families to Guyana to ensure all aspects of concerns are addressed before their arrival in Guyana. His knowledge and knowhow on the Guyana rental markets will save clients valuable time and money. Christopher is a well know figure in Georgetown with his works in the creative industry.

He has worked in television, print, advertising show business, fashion, design, marketing and job placements. His work in Guyana saw his inspirational beach clean up projects in 2010. Georgetown beach clean up which gained international recognition and launched his environmental charity Black Hands Project. Link https://www.facebook.com/Black-Hands-Project-304637116238241/ He is known in Guyana for co-ordinating the Miss World Guyana from 2000/2005 and he is known for his social ethos in public relations and people skills which he applies to his work always. Christopher is widely travelled and stayed at locations around the globe. His passion for hospitality and care is reflected in his consultancy services intending and advising for each client, scouting the best services and houses in Georgetown that suits the needs of every client in their own unique ways. His connection to Luxury Properties and other essentials items useful to his client's new life in Guyana will leave you with no doubt that his knowledge and experiences in the luxury rental market in Guyana is naturally sought after by internationals migrating to Guyana. To see more of his work in Fine Art Textiles and Fashion you are welcome to follow the links provided. Prints:


Products: http://www.bagsoflove.co.uk/stores/soi-designs

Footwear http://www.zazzle.com/soidesigns*

Art Interior http://www.society6.com/SoiDesigns1


Real Estate Consultant and so much more

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